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The Employee Information Tracking System (EITS), built on the iTrac IMS® foundation, is an efficient, flexible employee management tool that will ensure your organization is effectively managing and organizing the information needed to create a positive and professional workplace. EITS features an easy to use graphical interface that is completely accessible from the internet. EITS provides your business with a full suite of employee management tools, including:

  • Comprehensive Employee and Position Records Management
  • Performance Reviews and 360 Feedback
  • Salary Progressions Management
  • Training Costing & Records
  • Competency Assessments
  • Expense Management
  • Skills Development and Tracking
  • Interactive Inquiries and Reporting

The main advantage of EITS - Flexibility!

EITS has a unique approach to managing employee information.

After implementing a business support system, making even a small modification to accommodate a change in your business process is very often expensive and time consuming. The reality is that your employee management business workflows and information gathering processes will change frequently. Most business are forced to manage this reality by using "workarounds" in their employee information systems. By the time the system is enhanced to accommodate the business change, the requirement is often no longer relevant or has changed again.

EITS was conceived to specifically address this critical shortcoming in business applications. EITS was designed anticipating that employee management processes and information requirements in your company will change, and change frequently. EITS' unique configuration model solves this problem by quickly and very economically adjusting to the inevitable changes.

New employee information fields or complete records can be added, changed or deleted, in minutes! The lifecycle and workflow of an employee record and its associated routings, approvals, reviews, reminders, and notifications can be completely tailored to your business.

With EITS you get a system that conforms to your changing business, rather than having to change your business to fit into to an inflexible system.