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Election Candidate Manager

The Election Candidate Manager

The Election Candidate Manager is built on the iTrac IMS® foundation and completely automates the tracking of all campaign contributions and candidate expenses associated with a provincial election or by-election campaign.  The Election Candidate Manager organizes campaign contributions and expenses into a Candidate Return which contains all of the information required by a business manager to effectively and efficiently manage a candidate's election campaign. With the click of a button, the Election Campaign Manager will also calculate, organize, pre-fill and print the forms that are legally required to be submitted to the Chief Electoral Office to document and verify the contributions and expenses for a campaign.

Why should I use the Election Candidate Manager?

·        The system tracks all campaign contributions from the various classes of campaign contributors (Individuals, Corporations, Unions, etc.) and organizes them into the desired categories (e.g. in excess of $250, $250 to $25, under $25). 

·        A Contributions from Other Sources feature allows contributions made at functions and meetings to be accounted for. Loans and donations in kind are also managed and multiple contributions from the same contributor are automatically aggregated.   Detailed contributions summary information is provided.

·        The Election Candidate Manager also administers all expenses associated with a campaign.  Ten separate categories of expenses (e.g. advertising, petty, travel, etc.) are managed.  Extensive summary information is provided for individual categories and overall expenses making it easy to stay within prescribed expense limits.

·        The Total Contributions and Total Expenses associated with a campaign are instantly available.

·        Comprehensive reporting will tell you who is contributing to your campaign and their level of support.

·        The system supports the management of multiple candidates through multiple campaigns, historical information is easily accessed.

·        The time consuming, inaccurate and laborious process of filling out the numerous forms required to be submitted to the Chief Electoral Officer after a campaign is accomplished in seconds, simply by pressing a button!

The main advantages of the Election Campaign Manager - Efficiency, Accuracy and Flexibility!

The Election Campaign Manager lets you know who is contributing to your campaign and manages the individual contributions so that you have a real time and accurate view of the effectiveness of your fund raising programs.  Any required categorization or aggregation of the contributions is automatically handled by the system. Campaign expenses can be quickly and accurately managed and expenses can be viewed on an individual expense or category level.

The Election Campaign Manager utilizes a very intuitive and easy to understand graphical user interface, so users will quickly become familiar with the system, very little training is necessary.  All entry fields are fully editable and feature drop down selection lists and comprehensive help processing to assist users.

The Election Campaign Manager is also very flexible and can quickly respond to changes in your campaign processes.  New contribution or expense information fields or complete records can be added, changed or deleted, in minutes!  With the Election Campaign Manager you get a system that conforms to your changing business processes, rather than having to change your processes to fit into to an inflexible system.