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Student Awards Management System

The Student Awards Management System

The Student Awards Management System, built on the iTrac IMS® foundation, provides the ability to manage and promote scholarships and awards to students, faculty and external applicants.

Award applicants log on to a personalized web portal that lets them search for active awards, specific award types, or all awards. Students or other applicants create a profile that allows them to narrow searches to only awards that match their profile. Award applications are processed directly from the applicant's web portal and the status of the application is displayed to the applicant as the application moves through its lifecycle. Applicants also have access to all of their previous award applications and all of the awards they successfully applied for. An award application can not be submitted until all required information is present, greatly reducing administrative work for the awards management department.

Student Awards Management System Screenshot

When an application is successfully submitted, the Student Awards Management System will evaluate who is eligible for each award based on the applicant's profile and export eligibility lists to selection committees. The system also automatically communicates with applicants to inform them whether they were successful. The ability to track the acceptance and payment of the award is also provided.

The awards management department within the educational institution can create new scholarships and awards, manage award term dates, change award application standards, create and change faculties and programs, etc.

The Student Awards Management System has a very robust integration module that allows the system to exchange student profile and financial information with an existing student information management system (e.g. Banner). The Student Awards Management System also features a very intuitive graphical user interface and is completely web-based, it can be accessed by any device capable of launching a standard browser (including smartphones and tablets), numerous browsers are supported.