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iTrac IMS® Immigration System

The Immigration Solution, built from the iTrac IMS® foundation, is your efficient, easy to use database tool that enables multiple security controlled users to easily process Provincial Nomination Program (PNP) applications. With robust monitoring and reporting capabilities, the system is a concise enterprise application that allows all divisional work units to collect and track any document records associated with the application and nomination of:

  • Prospective immigrant entrepreneurs
  • Skilled worker immigrants
  • Family members of immigrants
  • General-skill worker immigrants
  • Farmer owner operator immigrants
  • Students
  • Health professionals

Some of the functionality of the iTrac IMS® Immigration system includes:

  • One comprehensive source of information - enterprise ready and available.
  • Electronic creation and scheduled mailing of notification letters.
  • The ability for prospective immigrants to create and follow their applications online.
  • Scalability that allows for system interfaces and integration with federal and provincial programs and affiliate offices.
  • Integration with Federal Immigration processes.
  • A Contact Management piece that stores and tracks:
    • information requested and received from an applicant or third party
    • documents requested and received from an applicant or third party
    • all correspondence or contact with any external party related to the application process
    • any piece of information relevant to an application

The iTrac IMS® Immigration system provides seamless service delivery to clients from pre-application to their post-landing settlement, as well as their integration into communities and workplaces.

System Benefits

  • Improved workflow and streamlined operations
  • Reduction in errors and data inaccuracies and the elimination of duplicate entries
  • Mandatory fields and content checks insure accuracy and completeness of applications, which means improved client responsiveness and better time management
  • Auto reminder notifications that ensures prompt and timely follow up by immigration resources
  • Auto generation of nominee notification letters
  • Auto correspondence features

The iTrac IMS® Immigration Platform

At the heart of the iTrac IMS® Immigration system is the iTrac IMS® platform. iTrac IMS® is the all-in-one solution for any company – large or small. The flexibility of the product is second to none and allows an organization to set up a sophisticated information technology environment that is built to their unique business needs and specifications. There are numerous ‘one size fits all’ off-the-shelf products available out there in the marketplace, but many contain features that won’t apply to your business or that will remain unused. iTrac IMS® is special because it can be customized to fit the specific functionality of your specific business – what could be more logical?

Unmatched Scalability and Versatility

iTrac IMS®’s scalability is there for you as you grow your business. After iTrac IMS® is built and configured to suit your unique business structure and information work flow, the versatility and power of iTrac IMS® will be ready to serve you well into the future! It can adapt to any changes or additions within your business process - again and again.

The Effect of Complete and Organized Information

Keeping your records intact and easy to find, follow up, and report on is important to any business process. iTrac IMS®'s referential database build ensures system wide data integrity.

iTrac IMS® is a system that can track all modifications and changes to data within its system – this makes security control and auditing a breeze! Reports can be generated and for those issues that require immediate attention, the mini-report system can create a user-defined report on the fly that can return urgent information when you need it.

The Freedom of Portability

Everywhere you go, iTrac IMS® is there to help you! The applet-based structure within iTrac IMS® allows you to connect and use the system from anywhere with an internet connection! Simply start a web browser and open the iTrac IMS® application.

The efficiency of a light client is found with iTrac IMS®-Web - the portal that allows you to interface with the main iTrac IMS® system. It will allow your employees to get those small, but important business processes done effortlessly, such as checking on task assignments or submitting a change request…and from anywhere in the world! When you need to access your business information in a timely manner, iTrac IMS®Web is there for you.

A system built your way, to suit your needs... now that’s True Freedom
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Saskatchewan Immigration
Saskatchewan's Immigration System is powered by the iTrac IMS® Immigration System.